Nichrome Wire, Platinum Rhodium Wires, Resistance Wires / Spares, Compensating Cables, Silicon Carbide Heating Rods, Mumbai, India

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  • Manufacturer and Exporter of Nichrome Wire, Heating Elements, Furnaces, Thermocouples, Compensating Cables, Thermocouple Tubes, Insulators, Flexible Thermocouple, Heat Treatment Plants, Insulating Materials, Insulation Material, Kanthal Wire, Molybidium Heating Elements, Platinum Bare Wires, Rhodium Bare Wires, Silicon Carbide, Temperature Controllers, Temperature Indicators, Thermocouple Bare Wires, Thermocouple Cable Extension, Thermocouple Wire, Thermowells, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
    Nichrome Wire
    Address :- 67/69, Mohamad Ali Road, Dada Manzil Building, 3rd floor, Mumbai - 400003, Maharashtra, India.
    Tel. : (O) :
    23441119 / 6575555 / 23441982, Telefax : +91-22-27702574
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